You will wonder how Finland achieved 100 percent education

Finland is number 1 country in the educational grounds. You will wonder how Finland achieved 100 percent education.Let’s look at these points to understand how they achieved 100% education.
• In Finland kinds join in the school only at the age of 7. The torture won’t start to the kids at the age of 2.5 .

• From the childhood , kids learn from their every movement.

• After they start schooling at the age of 7 , 50% of their time in school and 50% in holidays.

• Timings if the school are limited and even equal priority goes to music, dramas and gmaes

• It’s mandatory to have relaxation rooms in the schools , to allow students to take rest as and when they wish.

• Until students reach 13 schools won’t issue grading or progress reports, with this there is no pressure of competition on students..

• Parents has to explicitly request for the progress reports , if they are curious to know their kids progress.

• Schools won’t give home work, to allow kids to spend their time on their interesting subject.

• It’s mandatory to have doctor in all the schools to bring health related awareness in kids.

• It’s mandate that in each school strength shouldn’t exeed 600 students, to maitaun the quality education.

• There are no private schools in Finland, and there are only government schools. All the schools maintain high quality of  education.

• In Finland almost all students complete their primary education.

• The students from the NOEXAMS countries got high capabilities of facing competition.

• The Finland students are brightest students

• There are massive studies conducted on Finland education system, to understand how they achieved quality education.

• Around 1500 members from 56 countries making a trip to Finland to understand their education system

• Most of the Finland revenue contributors are wdication researchers and forex dibision
• In Finland teacher job is equivalent to IAS and IPS in India.

• In Finland, teachers play critical role in building law and society related guidelines.
• In Finland , one out of three students aim to become teacher, but that’s not easy to achieve only the students with high capabilities are eligible to become teachers.

• The qualified teachers in Finland receives 5 years of teacher”s training , 6 months of military training  , 1 year training in the school. And more over they train on even on how to make the laws, how to develop guidelines to society , self defence techniques , first aid techniques and fire fighting techniques.  All in all they receive 7 years training. Most importantly in Finland schools they teach Bhagavadgeetha.

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