Thailand – Plan your trip


  1. Book your tickets in advance
  2. Book your accommodation in advance
  3. check the travel time and sources available well in advance to avoid any delays and last minute surprises.
  4. Try to explore the places well in advance
  5. Explore best deals in prime locations
  6. understand the weather conditions in advance
  7. Explore seasonal events
  8. As most of the trip is on the sea check the right days to travel
  9. check the holidays of the events to avoid last minute changes to your plan
  10. Last but not least , don’t ignore the fact, less luggage more comfort. Try just backpack


  1. Don’t convert currency in your country of departure
  2. Don’t try risky long tail boats
  3. If possibility of spead boat is there to reach your destination , don’t try ferry
  4. Don’t book accommodation in Phi phi island
  5. Don’t plan for Fanta sea on Thursday , as Fanta Sea is closed on Thursday
  6. Don’t buy anything without negotiating
  7. Don’t  carry wet shirts and thick T-shirts
  8. dont travel with kids age less than 16
  9. Don’t try snorkelling if you have any heart and health conditions
  10. Don’t stand at outside of the ferry as the ocean is terrific



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