Simple Goals leads to better results

Most of feel that goal is very difficult word not human friendly word. When some one talk about goal , our immediate reaction is its not for common people. After reading this blog your perception about goal will be change for ever.Let’s look at how Simple Goals leads to better results ? 

Your goal need not to be super complicated. It must be as simple as your dream. Do you think dreaming to achieve something is very difficult? You can simply say, absolutely NO. That’s everything , just wake up now ,  put your beautiful dream on paper , that’s your goal. Remember there are no achievable or not achievable goals. A goal is something which can be Always achievable. Decades back no one even dare to think about smart phones and touch screens. But now smart phones become most commonly used gadgets at home, it’s because of the dream of the great Steve Jobs.  If he haven’t set his goal as bringing revolution in smartphones world , this might not quite possible or it might possible because someone else dream.
Now, you might ask setting goal is quite easy but achieving the goal, is it that easy. Yes it is , if your dream is to achieve your goal. Here is simple steps to achieve your goal with the simple formula Plan Do Check Act.

Plan : A goal with out plan to achieve it is just a dream. A goal with out plan erase immediately after you wake up. A goal without plan is playing game to lose. So , you must have plan to reach your goal. At this stage don’t worry if it is winning plan or losing plan, you have plan in hand that itself is motivation to initiate your action to reach your goal. Your plan might require corrections while you enter into real action. A plan will be useful to you as road map when you perform your journey.

DO : Now it’s time to put your thoughts into action. It’s time to put your plan into execution mode. Your energy turns on in this mode. Don’t forget to feed back your lessons learned to your plan to refine it every time you taste the bitter. Just play the game to win , it’s fun to play , there is no such thing called winning formula . Just play … Just play …

CHECK : At this stage you must check if you are travelling in right direction. Don’t wait until you reach wrong goal which takes again long turn to correct and reach your original target. Keep some check points in your plan and make use of those check points to correct every time when you take wrong directions. Re-calibrate the options available to reach your goal at every check Point.  Explore the best alternatives to reach your goal. It”s simple as Google maps,  it’s always Re calibrate and suggest you best alternatives available when you take wrong turn.

ACT: All you need to do is don’t stop your journey. Feed all your lessons learned back to your plan. And don’t forget the simple formula Plan Do Check and Act to taste the Yummy success.
Now it’s time to celebrate and place your new dream on paper.

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