Not yet comfort Delgro rewards member

Yes , comfort delgro started reward program to extend their services with more offers to the Taxi Travelers Singapore. As most of you know comfort delgro is most popular and the most reliable Taxi service being in the Singapore market since long. If you are using Comfort delgro services for your frequent travelling I don’t see any reason why you have to pay more , where you get same service from same service provider for even better price in terms of Rewards and promotions.

While I’m already started benefiting from reward program, just thought to share this with all my beloved ones to allow them to save more money in their travels. You can always come back here and register for reward program to save more money. I think it’s not good idea to spend more of your hard earned money for no reason. I am leaving URL for rewards program here. Click here to register for comfort delgro reward program and enjoy better and cheaper luxurious rides.

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