No Date Of Birth Certificate is Required to Apply for Passport 

Yea you are right , No Date Of Birth Certificate is Required to Apply for Passport .  when you apply for passport of you have Date Of Borth certificate you will get passport in short period of time. If you don’t have date of birth certificate , it will take around 90 days to get the passport, on top of that you need to make trips to either to MeeSeva or MRO office. Now, you need not to worry about it with new orders issued by Indian government. 

 Going forward , citizens can apply for passport, with out having date of both certificate. With amended rule , your date of Borth from either in PAN card or in Aadhaar card will be consider by the passport authority to process your application. In the past, according to passport law 1980 , citizens born after 1989 January 26 should submit their date of birth certificate while launching passport application. But with the new orders issued by the government you can use any of below listed documents as date of birth proof.

1) School Transfer Certificate 

2) 10th class marks memo

3) PAN card

4) Aadhaar Card

5) Driving license

6) Voter ID card

7) LIC policy bond 

So , Citizens enjoy the be circulation from the government . 

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