MAadhaar app now available for Indians

The new application from UIDAI is good interface to Aadhaar card holders to carry their UID information in their smart phones. This app is going to be trendy and going to make citizens life easier to avail the Aadhaar-linked services. Yes, MAadhaar app now available for Indians.

mAadhaar provides great interface to Aadhaar Card holders to carry their UID information in their smart phones. It is making citizens life easier by availing the Aadhaar-linked services. This step will be great value addition to the Indian government’s ‘Digital India’ drive initiation.



mAadhaar is currently available only in play store for Android users. At this stage The app is available on Android 5.0 (and up).  Aadhaar card holders can sign-up to the app using their registered mobile number.


In case Aadhaar card holder mobile number is not registered with Aadhaar info , they may visit the nearest Aadhaar card Enrolment Centre or Mobile Update end point centre to get it registered their mobile number.



By using mAadhaar mobile App, aadhaar card holders can access information like card holder name, date of birth, gender, address, biometrics and photograph linked with their  Aadhaar Number anytime, anywhere.

mAadhaar users are also allowed to secure their data by locking or unlocking the details under the Biometric Locking system option available in mAadhaar app.


The android based application also provides great feature to the Aadhaar holders to view their updated Aadhaar profile information after successful completion of update request in Aadhaar .


To use mAadhaar app for Aadhaar linked services, Aadhaar card holder with the app will need to generate a ‘time based One-Time Password’ -TOTP or user can share QR code and know your customer.


The mAadhaar app is currently available in beta mode . UIDAI confirmed that App could throw up some issues in its beta version. Some more valuable services will be available to the App users  only after subsequent updates.

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