How to identify fake Five Hundred Rupees Rs500 note

It’s easier than what you think , to identify fake five hundred rupees notes. This post will help to answer your question ” How to identify fake Five Hundred Rupees Rs500 note ? ” 

 After demonetization, RBI recently released prestigious new  500-rupee notes to the market with high security features.   Even after the RBI made the new Rs500 note highly secure, fake Rs 500 are being circulated.

While most of the citizens are busy in worrying about the fake Rs 500, here is the good news. You can easily identify if a note is genuine or fake. The Rs500 currency note on which the green strip is close to Mahatma Gandhi’s picture is fake.

On genuine Rs500 note, the strip is near Governor’s signature. Be aware of this counterfeit currency and share this news with all your friends.

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