Changes in East West Line Singapore 

Here is good news. Singapore east west line is now extended. Find out new map here for the green line with the extended stations.  Now the green line towards the Jookoon extended to TuasLink and fully operational.

In the past , commuters use to access the Eastwest line to reach Jookoon and from there connective buses to reach the near by places. With the TuasLink extension now the commuters can extend their journey towards Tuas in the MRT to reach the connected places. With this extension Jookoon is no longer the final station towards the west. The changes to the MRT maps and boards changed to reflect the the new changes on the extended stations towards Tuas Link. After downtown line being operating operating successfully this is the major change to MRT line. Explore more how this can help to you to reach your favourite places near Jookoon.

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