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Most of us use to think a lot about business Ideas. Most of us fail to understand business is something just solving the issues around you. Most of the well known businesses are successful because those businesses focused on resolving/addressing the issues of public. In this blog, I am going to touch Best strategy to build better nation with SME(Small and Medium Enterprises) initiation. In this best practice I am going to cover how to generate business around wastage that we through into bins everyday.


As per the studies conducted in recent days, 60%-80% of the wastage is not real wastage as we think every time, most of that wastage can be recycled. All we need here is best strategy and well maintained system to accommodate the recycle process. Here is how we can achieve it.

    1. Start simple , start with houses: Well, we notice most of the times, dust bins at homes are not well maintained. In the emerging countries , most of the people through dust directly into the bins and then after sometime they feel irritating to clean that bin as the bins are at it’s worst shape due to failure of simple technique here. Here is how you can address this issue, just cover the dust bins with plastic bags and through the dust into it. While you clear that dust it’s as simple as taking out the plastic bag and through it in near by dumping station.   Now, you need not to worry of cleaning your bins so frequently. On more quick best practice is well aware that segregate the recycle and non-recycle wastage and place into different containers, I will come how it will beneficial to you in the later part of this blog.
    2. Now, let’s move to the dumping station maintenance. Now the source wastage is clearly segregated and dumped into near by dumping stations. The challenge here is, how to maintain near by dumping stations. It’s also quite simple practice. Most of the times Municipality workers not interested to clear the wastage from dumping stations as the big bins are not maintained well, some times it’s so worst that no human being can bare that small. To address this issue again same, arrange the big bins with ease to maintain and cover the bins with plastic bags. Now it’s a great motivation to the wastage collector to  perform his job efficiently as it is just clearing the big bin plastic cover and move it to the central dumping yard

3. There you go, here is the business opportunity to SME. As the dumped wastage is clearly segregated at the step one it self , it makes the recycle job easy. As the recycle business is more efficient and cost effective business small and medium entrepreneurs can take this opportunity to create business around it. Once business starts generating around it, SMEs motivates to re-invest the money to improve the quality of the practice and SMEs motivates to fund back to the step1 ans step2 to reduce their maintenance work in the  central dumping yard. There are high chances that the participants of  Step 1 and Step 2 will recognize with incentives as a recognition to their good work. SMEs even may contribute to accommodate with better equipment for the best practice to implement. For the participants in step 1 , this is the benefit that yo are going to get at the end. Don’t ignore the fact, these SME’s  creates lot of job opportunities to the locals.

Once this cycle in place, no one require to look for Government to spend millions and billions for campaigns just keep our premises clean. Governments can invest the saved money for even better initiatives to accommodate citizens with high quality of services.

To conclude, Let’s follow this simple practice to become part of building great nation. This is how Recycling wastage leads to re-cycling investments and money.

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